Avert Your Eyes: Yadier Molina Photographed in Cubs Gear

I don’t know the context behind the photo or where it originated online, all I know is that I’ve seen it too many times and now you have to share my pain. Yadier Molina, who for years stood as the embodiment of all that it means to be a St. Louis Cardinal, can be seen in this picture wearing a Cubs hat and pullover while posing with some admiring fans.

My best guess is that this is one of those deals where he’s coaching a youth team or something and they just happen to be the Cubs. But don’t you think ol’ dude would have enough pull to get the Cards? Maybe he just wanted to be on the right side of the rivalry for once. If it’s indeed a group of kids he’s working with, let’s just hope he doesn’t abandon them in the middle of the season to go watch his basketball team.

Just like a blocked pitch encountering an egregious amount of Spider Tack on Yadi’s chest protector, this image is stuck in my brain. The only consolation is that it’s got to be even more painful for Cardinals fans.

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