Willson Contreras Nearing Deal with Cardinals

After initially looking look like he’d be heading to the Astros, it appears as though Willson Contreras could be preparing to haunt the Cubs as a member of the Cardinals. That’s going to cause all kind of cognitive dissonance among the Best Fans in Baseball as they struggle with how to reconcile their hatred for the way Contreras plays the game, but maybe it’ll help when he doesn’t abandon the team in the middle of the season to watch basketball.

Ken Rosenthal and Bruce Levine have both reported that a deal is close, so I’d imagine we’ll hear something soon. In addition to other factors, one of which could even be a form of revenge, the opportunity to get a bulk of the starts behind the plate surely appealed to Contreras.

This move would mean that not only is Christian Vázquez still available, but also that Sean Murphy won’t end up in St. Louis following yet another laughable trade in which the Cards gave up nothing. Whatever the Cubs end up doing, it’s going to suuuuuuck seeing Contreras in a Cardinals uniform.

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