Sounds Like Mets Trying to Get Cubs to Lower Price for Willson Contreras

Wanna know how I know the Mets are still very interested in working a deal for Willson Contreras? They appear to be planting reports with Jon Heyman about possibly pivoting from the All-Star catcher in an attempt to drive down his value.

We’ve known of their interest in Contreras for a while now and they need an upgrade at catcher, but a previous report said the Cubs had a high asking price and the Mets were reluctant to part with the requisite prospects. This isn’t to say the potential availability of Christian Vazquez won’t impact a catching market being shopped by the Mets, Rays, and Padres, only that Heyman is frequently a mouthpiece for teams and agents alike when it comes to trades and free agency.

This feels very much like a front office version of a parent threatening to turn the car around if the kids don’t behave. I guess we’ll find out soon enough how this all shakes out.

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