There’s No Way Seiya Suzuki Should Have Homered on THAT Pitch

Seiya Suzuki doesn’t seem to be feeling any ill effects from his extended stay on the IL, as he showed with an inside the park homer Monday in Milwaukee. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, he launched a more traditional dinger Wednesday night. Except it wasn’t all that traditional in that the ball was a good 6-8 inches off the plate inside.

The outer edge of the batter’s box is 6 inches from home plate and, though that line had been obscured by several innings of play, it looks like Jason Alexander‘s sinker was more or less directly over the center of the chalk. To turn on that pitch and send it over the wall in left at 101 mph is an incredible feat of hitting for anyone, let alone a “rookie” who just missed more than a month of play.


That featured image is really wild because you can see that the batted ball was in foul territory for a while due to the contact point. In what was a fun game on the whole for the visitors, this was a standout moment for two reasons. First, it broke a 2-2 tie and put the Cubs ahead for good. Second, we’ve reached the point where it’s time to start divesting emotionally from players who won’t be around much longer and pouring that surplus into those who will be.

With four more years on his deal and a full no-trade clause, Suzuki might just be in Chicago for Jed Hoyer’s Next Great Cubs Team.

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