The Rundown: Expect Little Cubs News During World Series, Astros Host Braves in Game 1, CBA Negotiations Already Contentious, Pederson’s Pearls of Wisdom

The World Series starts tonight, which for the Cubs and any other teams not playing in the Fall Classic means radio silence on any breaking news. There will be rumors and speculation, of course, because not every publication will be sending reporters to Atlanta and Houston. We’ll have to take most of it with a grain of salt since those news outlets are far down the hierarchical ladder, but at least we’re priming the pump for what should be a busy winter.

Jed Hoyer and Carter Hawkins will add several levels of complexity to what will probably be a frenzied February. As bad as the Cubs were this year, at least they’re not the mess that the Bears and Blackhawks are. If I’m Bears head coach Matt Nagy, I’m probably ducking my own shadow at this point. I have no idea what happened to Cold Steel on Ice, but that organization should serve as Hoyer’s blueprint for how not to reconstruct a roster by providing a lesson in the dangers of holding on to your core players once they’re past their primes.

We’re here to talk about baseball, though, and scouring the internet for relevant news surrounding Chicago’s North Side baseballers is a challenging endeavor. In fact, anything worth reading is mostly attached to the players Hoyer traded at the deadline. Do we still care?

I think most of us are okay with our former favorites moving on to potentially greener pastures. Admit it: You’ve let Hoyer’s notion of rebuilding on the fly marinate long enough that you are beyond the curiosity stage. In fact, I’d bet most Cubs fans are downright excited for what Chicago’s restructured front office will do with about $75-85 million in walking-around money, a couple of decent trade pieces, and the “secret sauce” for developing pitchers. Maybe they can start by familiarizing Kyle Hendricks with the best methods for keeping the baseball from leaving the ballpark.

Also, if Hoyer truly intends to spend intelligently, let’s hope he learned some valuable lessons after last winter’s shenanigans. To recap, the president of baseball operations gave one-year deals to the following players:

In hindsight, that really sucked and none of those players are still with the team. At least Hoyer got Anderson Espinoza from the Padres in the Marisnick trade.

For now, there is a World Series to be played and, though no one would have thunk it back in July, Chicago’s lone attachment to the 2016 championship season is Braves DH Jorge Soler. At least we all have someone to root for.

Cubs News & Notes

Odds & Sods

This says a lot about the fantastic 1959 campaign of Ernie Banks and even more about his teammates. Banks hit .304/.374/.970 that season with 45 home runs and 143 RBI.

World Series News & Notes

Astros manager Dusty Baker is mentally preparing for Game 1 by listening to Tupac Shakur and Slim Thug.

Pederson continues to be the most compelling ex-Cubs story of the postseason, whether it is for his prodigious home runs or his pearl necklace.

The pearl-bearing outfielder has the secret to winning the World Series.

There are five storylines to keep an eye on during the Braves-Astros series.

A panel of ESPN reporters and analysts announced their World Series predictions.

Charlie Morton of the Braves will go to battle against Braves starter Max Fried in Game 1 this evening.

Tuesday Stove

MLBTR recently updated its list of available free agents by position, and since we are about a week to 10 days away from the start of free agency, expect plenty of changes.

According to Ronald Blum of the Associated Press, a work stoppage is almost a certainty once the current CBA expires on December 1.

Like it or not, CBA talks will dominate baseball headlines for the better part of the winter. Priority No. 1 for the union will be increasing the players’ share of MLB revenues. The owners have proposed a hard cap of $180 million, a spending minimum of $100 million, and free agency for all players once they meet their age 29.5 season, which seems absolutely ludicrous.

Yankees outfielder Joey Gallo was dressed down for the way he dresses before baseball games. It’s as ridiculous as it sounds.

Giants general manager Scott Harris has declined an opportunity to run the Mets. Assistant GM Brandon Gomes of the Dodgers and Rays’ executive Peter Bendix have rebuffed overtures from the team, too. Paging Jason McLeod.

Per Buster Olney, the Yankees will heavily pursue free agent shortstops Carlos Correa and Corey Seager.

Extra Innings

Montreal just told Rays owner Stuart Sternberg that he needs to pump his brakes.

They Said It

  • “You look at the big screen in Atlanta and you got all these, you know, big, rough, tough guys, and they got pearls on. And all the ladies went in their jewelry boxes and got their pearls out. Shoot, I’m fine with it. I’m [just] not going to wear them.” – Braves manager Brian Snitker

Tuesday Walk-Up Song

Piece of My Heart Medley by Janis Joplin with Big Brother and the Holding Company (Live from the Newport Folk Festival, 1968). – They called her “Pearl.”

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