Chicago Cubs Lineup (9/16/21): Ortega Leads Off, Hendricks Pitching

I’ll be rocking to Guns N’ Roses at Wrigley tonight and it took me 5 hours to get up here, so this breakdown is basically nil.

Kyle Hendricks had an excellent start against the Giants his last time out, but it still wasn’t enough to wash away the stank from his three previous efforts. If he can pitch more like the guy who allowed one run to San Francisco over six innings and not the guy who gave up 18 runs over 16 innings to the Rockies, White Sox, and Pirates, the Cubs can still win this series.

The Phillies are starting righty reliever Cam Bedrosian so the Cubs will get to the “bullpen” early.

First pitch is at the oddly early time of 5:05pm CT on 670 The Score and Marquee Sports Network.

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