Cubs Reveal New City Connect Uniforms

There was much grumbling when the first images of the Cubs’ new City Connect jerseys were leaked online last week, but the official announcement should be met with less caustic reviews. While I’m still a little iffy on the jerseys themselves, the overall look is quite a bit better when you add in the light blue belt and socks. The undershirts further add to that appeal, though it’s doubtful the Cubs will be in long sleeves come mid-June.

According to Nike, these uniforms “explore a franchise’s connection to its city and its fanbase, each with distinct personalities, values, customs and traditions.” In this case, Wrigleyville is understandably given preference in the nod to Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods. Check out the video below for more on that.

The Cubs are set to don these duds on June 12 against the Cardinals and could opt to wear them in other games, though they are not currently scheduled to do so. For more on the details themselves, as well as a look at the full kit courtesy of, peruse below.

If you’d like to cop any gear for yourself, know that it’ll cost a pretty penny. The replica jerseys start at $149.99 and the authentic joints will set you back $474.99. No, that was not a typo. The hats, however, are the standard $39.99, so you can buy 12 of them for less than the cost of a jersey.

Nike Announces MLB Chicago Cubs City Connect Jersey 2
This circular patch on the left sleeve symbolizes the connectivity of Chicago’s neighborhoods.
Nike Announces MLB Chicago Cubs City Connect Jersey 7
This “Respect Our Neighborhood” detail reimagines Wrigley Field’s exit sign and doubles as a call to action.


Got any thoughts on the look or the meaning behind it? That’s what the comment section is for.

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