New Growing Cubs Pod: South Bend Brawls, Burl Carraway Is Back

Shockingly, there was more to talk about on the farm this week than just the major benches-clearing brawl in South Bend, but the guys were sure to dig into the fun from that fight in detail (2:00) before getting into the usual segments.

– Top Tier Update with Davis, Amaya, Howard, Marquez, Franklin, and Jensen (14:00)
– Dudes of the Week featuring Burl Carraway and Brandon Hughes (22;45)
– Bandwagon Jumping with Kevin Made and Sergio Alcantara (34:30)
– Listener Questions on Edmond Americaan (46:45)
– You Hate to See Tyson Miller DFA’d (50:30)
– You Love to See Jordan Nwogu bombs (58:15)
– Quirky Stat of the Week thanks to the I-Cubs bullpen (1:00:30)

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