Cubs Loading Truck for Spring Training

It may not feel as though spring is around the corner, but we’re only about two weeks from the start of Cactus League action. The Cubs began prepping for spring training in earnest Wednesday morning, packing up their big orange semi for the cross-country haul from Wrigley Field to Sloan Park.

Even if this image can’t melt the snowdrifts piled up around those of you in the Midwest, perhaps it’ll warm what’s left of your heart as we get ready for what is currently scheduled to be a full baseball season. COVID-19 numbers continue to improve by the day, existing vaccines are being distributed in greater volume with new iterations on the way, and there’s real hope that fans will be back in larger numbers by summer.

There’s a lot still to be determined and we could still be waiting a few months for all of that, but that big truck in the pictures above is proof that we’ve got something to look forward to one way or the other.

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