The Rundown: Headline Spurs Love for Bryant, Happ Says Lester Makes Nats’ Rotation Dangerous, Red Sox Punting 2021

“I came, I saw, and you won’t believe what happened next!” – Julius Caesar, were he interpreted by some of today’s media.

Twitter was ablaze yesterday and poor old Jesse Rogers of ESPN paid the price. Alas, the pen may be mightier than the sword but nothing is as blunt as a deliberate headline. When an athlete who rarely uses social media takes to a platform to call out the author, it’s apparent that liberties have been taken and that context has been surreptitiously manipulated.

Kris Bryant got a little emo during a recent interview with Barstool Sports Chicago and I suppose if any professional athlete should be allowed a genuine confession, it’s the slugging third baseman. Bryant has had a rough go with fan perception ever since he questioned the Cubs for allegedly manipulating his service time as a rookie in 2015, and Rogers leveraged that negative attention to entice readers.

Coming off a piss-poor season in which the former MVP and Rookie of the Year could manage just 11 RBI in 34 games has left Bryant vulnerable to distorted assumptions. A headline such as the one Rogers used certainly feeds that beast, and it shouldn’t.

It’s fair to wonder at times if Bryant secretly harbors a desire to be traded to a club whose fanbase may better appreciate him. With more and more of his ex-teammates heading to Washington D.C., perhaps Nationals GM Mike Rizzo can find a spot for the beleaguered third sacker. It shouldn’t be too costly a move for the Nats, as Jed Hoyer is reportedly willing to sell his short-term assets for pennies on the dollar.

Then again, maybe the Phillies might be interested in reuniting Bryant with best friend Bryce Harper, since the Cubs couldn’t make that happen two winters ago when Harper was a free agent. New Mets owner Steve Cohen recently lost his bid to sign outfielder George Springer, so maybe acquiring Bryant is something he’d consider. It’s sad to think that another mainstay from the 2016 championship team might leave town and it seems downright dismal that a growing faction of Chicago’s fans would love to see Hoyer jettison Bryant rather than re-sign him.

This what-have-you-done-for-me-lately attitude is typically reserved for Bears starting quarterbacks and whoever has coached the Bulls since Phil Jackson left. It’s something relatively new to the North Side, where fans have traditionally loved their superstars even during off years. My goodness, Gary Gaetti got more love in his two seasons with the Cubs than Bryant has enjoyed in his six seasons here, and Gaetti was an ex-Cardinal. In case you’ve forgotten, the Cubs have had very few All-Star third basemen in the history of their franchise and Bryant’s one of them.

The media tends to be somewhat of a stooge for team ownership at times, especially if it draws readers. Though Rogers has been outspoken at times regarding the Ricketts family, many saw this latest piece as fanning the flames of vitriol directed toward an established veteran who has already seen more than his fair share of pushback. The scribe strenuously defended himself on Twitter, defending the piece as agnostic as fans rallied behind Bryant for the most part. P

Perhaps a little show of love will prevent Bryant, who has professed his love for Chicago, from seeking greener pastures elsewhere.

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Friday Stove

The Red Sox have publicly stated that they’re basically punting the 2021 season. At least they’re not misleading their fans.

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I texted Scott Randall’s wife this week and asked her if any of our readers can make a charitable donation in Scott’s name. Peg suggested an organization called Jumpstart since her husband was active in prison ministry. There are also ways to get involved if you cannot afford to make a monetary donation.

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  • “I thought we really had a chance to get [Bryce Harper]. I kinda forget the situation, exactly who we signed or whatever, but he really loves Chicago. He loves coming to the city, eating there. I mean, who doesn’t like coming to Chicago? I’m kinda bummed out that we missed out on that opportunity.” – Kris Bryant
  • “Jon Lester in the four or five spot in the rotation is dangerous. I’ll take that any day of the week.” – Ian Happ

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Never Meant by American Football – Nothing evokes Midwest poignancy like this emo classic.

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