Report: MLB’s Playoff ‘Bubble’ Plan Concludes with World Series in Dallas

The Rangers may not have a chance at making the playoffs, but they’ll still host the World Series. According to ESPN’s Jeff Passan, MLB has determined its schedule for the postseason and is only awaiting the MLB Players Association’s approval to formally announce everything. The only real sticking points appear to be how the “bubble” will work in terms of families being able to have contact with players and staff members.

Even though Passan never returned my last text, I still feel it’s best to direct you to his post for the full details of how this will all happen. But since he tweeted out the only real information fans should be interested in, I’m happy to spell that out.

The first round of the best-of-three wild card matchups would be hosted by the top four seeds, then the division series would apparently go to ballparks in the opposite league. The NLDS series would move to Globe Life Park and Minute Maid Park while the ALDS would be played at Petco Park and Dodger Stadium. Globe Life would host the NLCS and Petco Park would host the ALCS, with the former then serving as the home of the World Series.

Because there would be no travel between sites for the Fall Classic, it would start on October 20 and end no later than October 28. That’s pretty cool, all things considered, though it could make for some pretty interesting pitching decisions due to the reduced number of rest days.

The expectation is that this plan could be ratified next week, so stay tuned for more information over the coming days.

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