David Ross Says Cubs ‘Feel Like It’s Safe to Step on Field’ with Reds

Though it’s not the exact same situation as the Marlins, who threw the baseball world for a loop when it was discovered that they played a game with four positive COVID cases among their on-field personnel before having seven more subsequently test positive, the Reds have something of a mini-outbreak. Matt Davidson started the team’s first game at DH, then hit the IL due to a positive test. Center fielder Nick Senzel was scratched Sunday after he woke up feeling ill and second baseman Mike Moustakas was also scratched and then placed on the IL.

“He woke up not feeling well,” Reds manager David Bell told the media ahead of Sunday’s game. “That’s all we know at this point, so we’re hopeful that it’s nothing. As you can imagine, we’re just very hopeful that it’s nothing and he’ll be back. … Just to be really cautious. Hopefully, we’re just being overly cautious. That’s what we have to do, and that’s part of being a great teammate at this point, is if there is any doubt, we have to stay home.”

Russell Dorsey of the Sun-Times relayed Ian Happ’s statement that the 30 player reps have been in conversation today to stay abreast of the fluid situation. The Marlins home opener against the Orioles and the Phillies-Yankees game in Philly were both canceled earlier in the day and there were some fears — even some demands — that the rest of Monday’s slate be banged pending additional information and testing.

To that end, Happ added that the Cubs and Reds have been in comumications [sic; Russ subsequently poked fun at himself for this] about tests to make sure the teams are comfortable.

As David Ross elaborated to reporters Monday evening, the Reds laid everything out as far as their protocols and likely what they’ve since Sunday to improve or reinforce their standards.

“There’s been an explanation of what’s gone on over there and the details, kind of the behind-the-scenes look,” Ross said. “And then we’ve made a determination that we feel like it’s safe to step on the field with them.”

The one big disappointment here, other than the anxiety of playing in this environment, is that the Cubs won’t get to face Robel García, who was off waivers by the Reds on Sunday.

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