Looks Like Universal DH Could Be Here to Stay

Sorry, purists, the hour of your discontent is nigh.

In addition to offering to pay players 100% of their prorated salaries over a 60-game season, MLB has proposed the adoption of the universal DH in 2020. And in 2021. That almost certainly means we’ll never get to see Jon Lester’s sweet stroke ever again.

Despite the players’ objections to the league’s use of this period as a way to effectively pre-negotiate the next CBA, there are undoubtedly some aspects of the short season that will remain. Among those is the universal DH, which was already likely even before the shutdown necessitated changes.

Expanded playoffs are another matter entirely, but it’s easy to see more than 10 teams in the postseason beyond 2021.

Ed. note: I’d actually like to see Victor Caratini get a lot of the reps at DH.

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