Report: MLB Allows Teams to Resume Scouting Activities

Cutting MLB’s amateur draft to five rounds was first and foremost about owners saving money and making, but it’d be irresponsible to ignore the lack of scouting that took place this year as a factor. In addition to having seasons canceled at every level, the league banned in-person scouting back on March 19 and the Angels went so far as to furlough most of their scouting department.

Now that the draft is over and things are starting to open back up, it appears scouting activities can resume once again. That information comes via ESPN’s Kiley McDaniel, who reported Monday that MLB will allow as many as three scouts per club at any amateur event. Though this obviously can’t impact the draft and probably won’t affect undrafted free agency to a significant extent, summer showcases will be big for the 2021 draft class.

Even if the pros aren’t getting back to the field anytime soon, this decision means that scouts can ease back into some sort of normalcy this summer. Now if only the rest of us can do the same by getting a chance to watch some baseball, even if it features empty stadiums and fake crowd noise.

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