Jason Kipnis Worries About Injuries, ‘Sh**** Baseball’ When MLB Returns from COVID-19 Shutdown

Jason Kipnis understands that baseball is low on the priority list for society right now. But just as baseball fans are trying to distract themselves during this pandemic, so too are baseball players. Kipnis took to Instagram to air his concerns about the upcoming MLB season and ask for any questions from fans.

As Kipnis said in his post, he is fortunate to be able to continue his training when most of the country is shut down and he is concerned about other baseball players who aren’t as fortunate. A three-week buildup to the regular season could be terrible for the sport, Kipnis said. He’s particularly concerned about “injuries and shitty baseball” because of the inability to train appropriately in the meantime.

You can see and read his full comments below.

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Baseball post: First, quarantining in a cold weather city like Chicago right now ain’t exactly ideal. Every time I see anyone outside I automatically think I’m falling behind (even tho no one is doing much baseball activity right now). I’m fortunate to have my own batting cages, if for no other reason then it gets me out of the house and keeps my body from becoming stiff as a board. My worries are that players who don’t have warm weather or access to a place to workout, are stuck without any way to “keep up”. Let’s say things go well and we can restart spring training. These players are expected to go from the couch to a 3 week spring and strap it on? That just screams injuries and shitty baseball to me to be honest. Not to mention if we start back up, and someone (asymptomatic or not) tests positive. Shut it down again? I don’t know how we’re suppose to have that many tests provided! I really do hope things get better for everyone and there’s baseball this year but these are just some of the worries creeping into my head that make me think otherwise. Wouldn’t mind a little Q & A in the comment section or other good points if you got them! – keep in mind, this is a baseball post! I’m completely aware there are more important things going on and health of other humans takes priority over the season! Hopefully we can still talk about other things! Just wanted to create some dialogue to kill time!

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