‘Expert’ Body Language Analysis of David Ross, Joe Girardi Following Manager Interviews

As the proclaimed body language expert at Cubs Insider, I ensure you that Joe Girardi is definitely not getting the Cubs manager job. I think.

Both Girardi and David Ross were photographed after their respective interviews with Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer and there’s a palpable difference in their appearances. Girardi’s expression aches with exhaustion and practically scream-sighs, “I can’t wait to GTFOH.”

Also, what on earth is Girardi carrying in that roller briefcase? Is that his infamous binder? He looks a lot like Thanos in one of those shots, so maybe it’s the Infinity Gauntlet.

Take note of Girardi’s hand in his pocket just before the former Yankee skipper and the Cubs front office duo said their goodbyes. Is that the look of a successful interviewee or of a guy who thinks he might’ve messed up and wants to go away.

Girardi: I am inevitable. Epstein: And I am tired, man.

I actually feel sorry for Girardi here. Epstein is keeping three feet of distance, perhaps because he knows just how poorly the previous eight hours went and because he’s trying to avoid bumping into the force field of negativity from Girardi.

Okay, on to Ross, who completely wrecked Girardi from a purely aesthetic standpoint. If I were Girardi and saw these pictures of Ross and the front office the day after my interview, I would’ve been so distracted that I couldn’t have broadcast the Astros-Rays game.

Look at what these three guys are wearing. Ross is dressed in what looks to be a Banana Republic pullover and Lucky Brand dark jeans. And even though it’s overcast, his future is so bright he’s rocking some Cubs blue-tinted shades on top of his head.

Ross is even bro-fiving some guy during his interview! The confidence is off the charts. This is the look of a man that knows how much better he is than Girardi.

This is also the look of an MLB front office that is comfortable and excited about their potential new manager. Epstoyer are wearing similar casual outfits, a decided “Let’s just talk for a bit over coffee and catch up” look.

Sure, Epstein’s hand is in his pocket in one of these photos, but it’s cold outside in Chicago and his posture is more jaunty than standoffish. Hoyer looks like he borrowed one of Kris Bryant’s Express shirts — after KB accidentally shrunk it in the dryer — with the classic one-roll sleeve.

Maybe the casualness of Ross’s interview was a projection by the front office. They may have realized Girardi was a bit too much, especially after spending literally all day with him.

So there you have it, folks, expert body-language analysis tells all.

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