David Ross on Job Prospects After Interview: ‘Either Way, Whatever They Say’

David Ross only spent about half as long with the Cubs brass as fellow broadcaster Joe Girardi, but he probably didn’t need those extra four hours to make his case. While the garrulous Grandpa Rossy had little time for the media afterwards, he did make a public appearance alongside his old (and new?) bosses for a quick Starbucks run.

Gordon Wittenmyer was there to snap some pics and get the scoop on the interview, but Ross was understandably tight-lipped about the proceedings. He did say that the process was “good” and played coy when asked about popular opinion that he’s the favorite for the gig.

“I don’t know what a lot of people mean,” Ross quipped.

You can’t go by pictures alone, but the trio of Starbucks patrons seemed to be in very good spirits even before they’d been caffeinated. Girardi, on the other hand, appeared to be all business when he bolted Wednesday evening. Maybe that’s just a display of the two men’s respective demeanors.

One thing we know for certain from Ross’s presence at the Cubs’ offices is that he’s ready to get back into the game on a permanent basis after taking more time with his young family since retiring as a player. The Cubs have said before that there would be a bigger role for the World Series hero and de facto team captain when he was ready, and rival execs have believed for at least a year that Ross would eventually replace Joe Maddon in Chicago.

Though many on the outside saw him through the media lens as kind of a fun-loving goofball, Ross was the guy holding teammates accountable in the clubhouse. Gee, that sounds like something we’ve heard about as being missing over the past season or two. Rather than being part of the “winner’s trap” Epstein has said the Cubs are trying to escape, Ross is an example of something they need to get back.

Even if he is the preferred candidate, though, he’s not the last one with whom the Cubs need to speak. They’ve still got Astros bench coach Joe Espada and Yankees special assistant Carlos Beltrán on the list and may not be able to speak with either until much later in the month depending on how the playoffs proceed.

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