Ben Zobrist Joining AAA Iowa Thursday for Final Step in Journey Back to Cubs

Ben Zobrist has completed trips to South Bend and Myrtle Beach, where he hit home runs from each side of the plate over the weekend, and now appears ready for the final step in his rehab stint after nearly three months away. Zobrist, who returned to his home in Nashville Monday, will skip Double-A Tennessee and instead join the Triple-A Iowa Cubs when they head to Memphis this Thursday.

The Smokies are actually home for the next five days, but the Cubs must have seen enough from Zobrist to feel the extra step unnecessary. And since Kodak and Memphis are nearly equidistant from Nashville, meeting the I-Cubs likely meant less travel and time away from home for the 38-year-old.

As the Cubs announced Tuesday, the plan is to reevaluate the situation after Zobrist plays through the four-game set in Memphis. With almost two weeks still remaining until roster expansion at that point, you have to think a little additional seasoning in Iowa will be in order. Unless, of course, something changes in the meantime and Cubs can make room earlier.

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