Chicago Cubs Power Surge: Several Cubs Players Crushing Home Runs on Career-High Paces

It’s quite possible that some Chicago Cubs hitters are recovering from ‘chili’ food poisoning. Or maybe everything is just finally clicking. Whatever it is, several Cubs hitters are on pace to blow by their previous career home run highs.

For instance, Javier Baez is on pace to blast 47(!) bombs this season and surpass his previous career best of 34 in 2018, the year he finished second in the NL MVP race, mind you. Just behind Baez is Anthony Rizzo, whose career high is 32 homers. He’s on a 40-homer pace.

Then there’s Cubs catcher Willson Contreras, who is on pace to reach 40 homers in just 550 plate appearances. This is a catcher, folks, who could realistically reach 40 homers. A catcher. Insane.

Other notable names that are not on pace to surpass career highs are Kris Bryant, Jason Heyward, and Kyle Schwarber. Heyward, though, is on pace to reach 25 homers, which is just two under his previous career best when he was a young rookie with the Atlanta Braves.

And don’t rule out Bryant speeding up his homer pace since the MVP candidate is just now beginning to heat up. He’s gone deep in 6 of his last 12 games, and 4 of his last 5.

Overall, the Cubs have mashed 57 homers in the young 2019 season, seventh best in MLB.

Name 2019 HR 2019 PA Projected 2019 PA 2019 HR Pace Previous Career High
Javier Baez 11 157 670 47 34
Anthony Rizzo 10 158 670 42 32
Willson Contreras 9 124 550 40 21
Kris Bryant 7 155 670 30 39
Jason Heyward 6 132 550 25 27
Kyle Schwarber 4 103 500 19 30
David Bote 3 120 400 10 6
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