Cubs Announce Changes to Seat Numbering System, New Amenities at Wrigley for 2019

If it feels as though Wrigley Field has been perpetually under construction for the last few seasons, that’s because it pretty much has been. Some of the changes from the 1060 Project — new video boards and signage, removal of on-field bullpens — have been glaringly obvious, while others — new concrete and seats, refurbished wrought iron — haven’t been quite as eye-catching. But all have taken a lot of time and even more money to complete.

But as the 2019 season opens, the long-running renovation and enhancement initiative will finally start to wind down. Not that work on the ballpark will ever truly be complete, just that the major projects that see entire sections of Wrigley turned into gaping holes will make like Dylan and cease.

Cubs fanatic and Twitter mainstay Paul “Crawly” Dzien tweeted out some of the details from the Cubs’ announcement to season ticket holders about some of the changes for the coming season. Included are updates to the seating charts, as well as new amenities in the upper level and right field.

As part of the 1060 Project, we continue to enhance the overall fan experience at Wrigley Field. In advance of the 2019 season, we will implement a new, more intuitive seat numbering system to make our ballpark easier to navigate. Transitioning to a conventional Section/Row/Seat configuration, common at most sports venues, will help alleviate confusion created by our current Aisle/Row/Seat configuration, including eliminating areas where contiguous seats have non contiguous seat numbers. Renumbering our Upper Level sections also will more accurately reflect the amazing view and value of these seats

As you might might imagine, this will have an impact on season ticket holders and even occasional attendees who may have a favorite section in the ballpark. In order to help fans better understand what their new seat location(s) will be, the Cubs have created an easy-to-use seat converter to translate previous A/S/R to the new S/R/S configuration.

They have also updated the Wrigley Field seating chart, which, in addition to being a little easier to navigate, is more aesthetically pleasing.

Previous Wrigley Field seating chart
New Wrigley Field seating chart

Beyond the seating changes mentioned above, the Upper Level will be getting a new outdoor concourse with new food and beverage offerings. The left field portion of said concourse should be completed by Opening Day, but the right field portion isn’t scheduled to open until May. New restrooms in these areas also mean a 60 percent increase in fixtures from last season.

There will be an expansive new bar just inside the right field gate, near the concession stands, so that’s cool. The space formerly known as the Captain Morgan Club and DraftKings Fantasy Zone was demolished immediately after the end of the season (featured image) to make way for a new multi-use space that will include a full-service bar and Cubs Store. There will also be two additional women’s restrooms in the right field concourse, as well as an elevator to assist fans to the Terrace and Upper Levels (scheduled for August).

The Cubs are also continuing to replace seating in the Lower Level, adding more accessible seats throughout the park. New decks with seating and portable concessions are coming to both left and right field corners of the Terrace Level. The foul territory of the bleachers in left will be extended and will include additional portable concessions and a view of the field.

New premier clubs are coming as well, with the Maker’s Mark Barrel Room, The W Club, and the Catalina Club all scheduled to be ready by Open Day. The Audi Club, however, will be unavailable in 2019 due to ongoing construction in the area.

Keep checking back for more and we’ll try to stay on top of any future updates.

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