MLB Places Addison Russell on Administrative Leave

Addison Russell has been placed on administrative leave by MLB in the wake of a blog post in which his ex-wife, Melisa Reidy-Russell, gave a detailed account of the prolonged physical and emotional abuse she endured during their relationship. MLB had launched an investigation when third-party allegations of abuse surfaced early last season, but Reidy-Russell was unwilling to cooperate at the time.

The post reads not at all like an accusation, but as a painful catharsis through which Reidy-Russell hopes to heal herself and others in similar situations. And while she doesn’t name her ex-husband by name, it’s obvious who she’s writing about.

These latest allegations were enough to revive an investigation that apparently never truly stopped. No official word had ever been given about its cessation and Anthony Rizzo indicated Friday, albeit it in a pretty tone deaf manner, that it is indeed continuing.

Not that semantics are really important here. For that reason, and because I’m about to board a flight home, I’ll simply share some additional tweeted reports of the situation.

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