Kyle Hendricks Displays Second-Highest FB Velo of Season Monday Night

It was clear after Kyle Hendricks faced Paul Goldschmidt for the first time Monday night that The Professor was going to be at his best. And so he was. Hendricks nearly finished a complete game by showcasing a beautiful changeup and faster-than-usual fastball.

How fast was Hendricks throwing Monday night against the D-backs? His four-seamer, which has averaged 87.7 mph in 2018, was humming in at 88.4 in Arizona. You have to go back to May in Colorado to find another start in which Hendricks throwing that hard (88.5).

The velocity on his sinker was also just a little higher than his 87.1 mph season average. Hendricks threw 31 sinkers to D-backs hitters with an average velo of 87.4 mph, maxing out at 88.7. More, please.

It’s mesmerizing when Hendricks throws upwards around 90 mph with so much movement and command. With October approaching and the Cubs inducing heart palpitations across their fandom, Hendricks really needed to put up a quality start. He more than delivered.

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