Cubs Game Postponed, Rescheduled for September 13

The Cubs and Nationals fought through several hours of rain delays this weekend as inclement weather lingered in the DC area. Rather than simply call the game with continued rain in the forecast, Sunday’s finale was held off more than three hours as MLB waited for a window in which to play. Once that patience proved futile, which every amateur with a weather app could have told you Saturday night it would, the game was finally postponed.

But MLB didn’t push it to the end of the season in case the game was necessary for the sake of divisional races. That’d be too easy. The league, in its infinite wisdom, has rescheduled the game for Thursday, September 13 at 4:05pm ET. Wonderful, just wonderful.

For those of you keeping track of the Cubs’ schedule at home, that was to be their first planned day off after playing 23 games in 23 days. And while Sunday didn’t actually feature any baseball, the players still had to be there at the ballpark prepping for a game that was never actually going to happen.

Now the Cubs have to fly home for a pivotal three-game set with the Brewers, who should only be two games back at the start of the series, then return to DC for the makeup game. Then they turn around and head back to Chicago to take on the Reds for three games, after which they take off for Arizona.

Listen, I totally get that things happen over the course of a long season and weather can get in the way as it has this weekend. But the way MLB botched this whole affair, from Friday’s aborted game that resulted in a rain-soaked twin bill Saturday to this latest pile of hot garbage, has fallen well short of ideal. To call their handling ham-handed would be an affront to all manner of pork products.

The Cubs don’t have room for excuses, though, they just need to go out there and take care of business against the Brewers at home.

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