Cubs Trade Rumors: Kyle Barraclough Called ‘Realistic Option’

Theo Epstein once said that the goal wasn’t to provide fans with just cookies, but he never said anything about doughnuts. Which is why it makes sense that the Cubs would have interest in Marlins righty reliever Kyle Barraclough.

We looked recently at a rumor that they were interested in 38-year-old sidewinder Brad Ziegler, whose contract expires after this season. It’s easy to believe the Cubs would also ask about Barraclough, who is 10 years younger and has three more years of contractual control after this season. It also makes sense that the Marlins would ask for a boatload more in return.’s Joe Frisaro tweeted Saturday morning that the Marlins’ strategy “could prove very smartly” as teams scramble to bolster their rosters for tight division races. And while that makes total sense, I’m not really sure I agree with what Frisaro is saying here.

So the Cubs would be willing to overpay for a reliever because the Brewers got Mike Moustakas? I mean, okay. Barraclough’s an excellent reliever, no doubt, but he’s also prone to walking guys. Hence the 2.13 K/BB ratio despite a K/9 mark north of 10.

This sort of feels like one of those deals where you can basically tie the Cubs to every potential trade piece just to draw interest.

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