Watch: The House That Built Kris Bryant

As part of their relationship with Kris Bryant, Red Bull has done a fantastic job of producing videos and photo shoots showcasing a different side of the superstar. Whether he’s pranking unsuspecting fantasy draft participants or asking Austrians if they know who he is, a lot of the material has been lighthearted in nature.

Oh, and who could forget the time he played a European community college transfer? Or that video shoot in which Greg Maddux was disguised as a sound tech? He also went swimming with sharks, hung out on a farm with a goat, and drove a race car in various other spots.

This time, however, Red Bull took a different tack and focused on the relationship and the place that got Bryant to where he is today. As you’ve no doubt read on these pages already, the superstar learned how to hit from his father, Mike.

Countless hours — though that’s maybe not entirely true since Mike does attempt to count them in the video — went into honing the swing that has won awards at every level of the sport. It wasn’t all rigid mechanical drills, though. Father and son laughed about playing catch in the street and maybe breaking a window or two.

But it all comes back to the cage, getting in there and repeating the swing to make sure it’s just right. Check out the full video below (courtesy of Red Bull) for a look behind the curtain of where it all started for Bryant.

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