Quick Hits: With Pitch Clock Looming, Who Are Fastest and Slowest Cubs Pitchers?

The MLB Players Association and commissioner’s office differ in their pace-of-play views. Rob Manfred wants to speed up game times and appeal to a younger audience, but the union fears the worst for its players who thrive at a slower pace, not to mention the idea of Manfred wielding unilateral power to change the game as he sees fit.

Of all the pitchers currently on the roster, Kyle Hendricks presumably wouldn’t care if he had to operate within timed rest periods. A brisk 21.4 seconds elapsed between Hendricks’ pitches last season, which was 2.2 seconds faster than the MLB average.

Justin Wilson, on the other hand, would probably be most affected by the implementation of a pitch clock. No other Cubs pitcher last season took more time between pitches (27.5 seconds, about 3.9 seconds above average) than the lefty for whom Theo and Co. traded prospects Jeimer Candelario and Isaac Paredes.

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