Watch: Kyle Schwarber Discusses Lofty Goals of MVP, Gold Glove

“Everyone is caught up in the weight-loss thing,” Kyle Schwarber told ESPN’s Jesse Rogers during a recent workout session. “I’m not. I’m training my body for 162 games times nine innings or maybe more. I want to be an MVP. I want to be a Gold Glover. I want to set my standards really high.”

Yeah, I’d say those are pretty high. Many will no doubt have a chuckle at Schwarber’s expense here, believing him incapable of achieving either goal. But here’s the thing: Even if he falls short, it’s very evident that he’s intent on being better than what we’ve seen from him in the past.

And it’s not as if Schwarber and Rogers were sitting around at a doughnut shop or a burger joint, which is where the slugger once had a chat with The Athletic’s Sahadev Sharma (can’t find link, but I swear it happened) while wolfing down three sandwiches. This more recent talk took place when the reporter was given a sneak peak at Schwarber’s offseason agility training with former pro football player Yo Murphy.

It should go without saying that working out like a demon and dropping 20 pounds does not guarantee improved performance, but it’s a damn good place to start.

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