IBWAA Names Joe Maddon NL Manager of the Year

In what could be a prelude of the BBWAA award coming up Tuesday night, the IBWAA voted Joe Maddon the NL’s Manager of the Year. Maddon received 85 first-place votes (48.6%) and was named on 157 of 175 ballots. Wait a minute, what were the other 18 voters thinking? Dave Roberts (66), Dusty Baker (10), and Terry Collins (10) also received top billing, so I suppose it figures that a few voters didn’t see fit to name Maddon among their three choices.

1st Place: Joe Maddon, Chicago Cubs – 585 points

2nd Place: Dave Roberts, Los Angeles Dodgers – 494 points

3rd Place: Dusty Baker, Washington Nationals – 264 points

Maddon won both the IBWAA and BBWAA awards last season as well and will be going for the four-peat when MLB Network continues its coverage of the postseason honors at 6pm ET. For what it’s worth, I think Roberts will end up getting the nod.

Oh wait, there’s a whole ‘nother league involved in this thing. Terry Francona (683 points) was named AL MOY, with Jeff Bannister (390) and Buck Showalter (193) rounding out the voting.

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