Chicago Cubs Lineup v. Cardinals: Hammel Pitching as Cubs Lineup Lined with Regulars, Soler Returns

The Chicago Cubs (98-55) have clinched the best record in the National League and today’s lineup looks exactly as you would expect. It’s littered with reser….starters. Well, if this lineup is any indication of what we should expect going forward for the remainder of the season than the regulars may have seen their two days off come and go. If you remember, Joe Maddon played the reserves for a couple games right after the Cubs clinched the National League Central, before going back to a lineup of mostly regulars.

Today, Jason Hammel (15-9, 3.56 ERA) will be pitching for the Cubs as he seeks to stay on track. He’s been spectacular this year at Wrigley Field, boosting a 1.84 ERA for the season. Compare that to his 5.33 ERA on the road. That disparity will possibly, perhaps likely, lead to Joe Maddon leaving Jason off the postseason roster. Nothing is guaranteed but, as we mentioned in our postseason roster projections, it’s hard to imagine that Joe brings five starters on the postseason roster and right now Hammel would appear to be the odd man out.

Jorge Soler is back in action today, after taking a week off with a sore right side. It’s good to have him back in the lineup and healthy again after a little rest.

Here’s today’s Chicago Cubs lineup.


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