Watch/Listen: Pelicans Capture Second Straight Carolina League Title

In their second season as a Cubs affiliate, the Myrtle Beach Pelicans have captured their second straight Mills Cup title as the Carolina League champs. Todd Johnson will have more on the whole season soon, but here’s a pair of quick videos of the end of Wednesday night’s game and the celebration that followed.

If you’re thirsty for more, we’ve got audio from Pelicans pitcher James Pugliese, the winning pitcher from the deciding game:

And here’s manager Buddy Bailey talking about his team’s victory:

Awesome stuff. I’ve already said it many times, but it continues to be true so I continue to repeat it: the Pelicans are a class organization from top to bottom and they’ve been incredible when it comes to embracing their relationship with the Cubs and those of us who write about the team. The video above came from GM Andy Milovich and the featured image and audio files were sent over by the team.

Congratulations on another win and good luck going for the three-peat next year (do I owe Pat Riley any money for that?).

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