A Few Words of Wisdom for Those of You Freaking Out About the Cubs

The Cubs have lost 12 of 17 games and now find themselves only 20 games over .500 and with a slim 8.5-game lead over the Pirates, who beat the Cardinals Wednesday night to move into second in the Central. Dexter Fowler and Jorge Soler remain out of the lineup and starter pitchers not named Kyle Hendricks or Adam Warren have an ERA of 13.76 over their last four starts.

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Okay, so the Cubs are looking kind of like a dumpster fire of hot garbage that rolled into a chemical spill to produce a cloud of noxious smoke. Or maybe that’s just how New York always smells. Either way, Joe Maddon’s bunch is in the midst of a 27-25 run after starting out 25-6. But even the best teams can go through rough patches. As I was recently made aware, the 1984 World Champion Detroit Tigers had a 22-23 stretch after opening the season 35-5. So perhaps we should reign in the fear and loathing just a bit, huh?


Ah, but getting one of the most paranoid fanbases in the world — despite the balanced, intelligent discourse that tends to be the norm in the circles most of my readers and I inhabit, that’s exactly what the Cubs have — to pump the brakes is roughly equivalent to reversing the flow of a river. Hey, wait, they did that in Chicago too.

Even with a complete faceplant over the last four games heading into the break, the Cubs would still hold a 4.5-game lead over the Pirates and/or Cardinals. Which, yay for moral victories! Seriously, though, they just need to ride out the rest of this 24-games-in-24-days business and get to the break so everyone can heal up and chill out a bit. That includes those of us following the team.

So y’all can fret if you like. Me, I’m just gonna relax here for a minute.

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