Looking for a Cubs Bar Outside Chicago? We’ve Got You Covered

There I was, stuck one of the most remote locations on the planet while the Cubs were playing the Mets in Game 1 of the 2015 NLCS. Sure, the beaches of Waikiki were a stone’s throw away, but I wanted to watch my team. After searching in vain for an establishment run by an expatriated Chicagoan, I settled on Yard House. Lots of beer, sure, but I’m not big on the cookie-cutter atmosphere and the randomness of the patrons.

My favorite was the dude waving the whalebone glass around and slapping me on the back while greeting me with “Hey, Bartman!” I fixed him with my best icy glare and probably share a few choice words, but you know there’s going to be someone like that everywhere. I think they’re actually standard-issue with big chain bars.

But at least when the game was over I was able to walk a few blocks to the beach, where I was able to have dinner with my family with Diamondhead off in the distance. Still, it would have been nice to have sidled up next to a few other blue-clad fans to cheer and commiserate for a few hours.

I’m sure you’ve all been there too. Whether it’s a vacation or business travel, something has pulled you away from your familiar haunts and even more familiar TV channels. I suppose that’s all part of getting away for some folks, but there are times when you want a slice of home or to watch your team with a few of your people. It’s nice to walk into a bar with a Cubs shirt on and not have to ask someone if you can change the channel from [insert random sport/game].

With that in mind, I wanted to put together a list of all the Cubs-friendly bars I could find that are outside the greater Chicago area. This is a crowd-sourced effort and I know more names will have to be added over time, which is why I’m keeping this as organic as possible. If you’ve got new places to add, drop me a note in the comments section, tweet me @DEvanAltman, or email dealtman@gmail.com.


Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria, San Diego

710 Beach Club, San Diego

O’Grady’s, San Diego

Monaghan’s, San Francisco

Tinhorn Flatts Saloon & Grill, Burbank

Rush Street, Culver City


Wrigley’s Chicago Bar and Grill, Golden


Roger’s Chicago Hotdogs, Holiday

Doc’s Beach House, Bonita Springs

Joey D’s Chicago Style Eatery, Bradenton, Sarasota, Palmetto

Friendly Confines, Lake Mary, Metro West, Orlando, Winter Park


Duffy’s Tavern, Galesburg


Fat Dan’s Deli, Indianapolis

Rush on Main, Zionsville

Carey Tavern, Westfield

Scotty’s Brewhouse, various

DT Kirby’s, Lafayette

Between the Buns, Elkart and Osceola

Dickey’s Wild Hare, Ft. Wayne


G-Migs, West Des Moines

Waveland Tap, Des Moines

1908 Draught House, Des Moines, Johnston, Waukee

Viking Lounge, Cedar Rapids


Milan Lounge, New Orleans


Carmody Irish Pub & Brewing, Duluth


Zachary’s, Columbus


Ryder’s Tavern, St. Louis


Chicago Dawg House, Omaha

Beer City, Omaha

Pauli’s, Omaha


Brando’s, Las Vegas

New York

Kelly’s Sports Bar, New York City

Canal Bar, Brooklyn

South Carolina

Mac’s Place, Charleston


Max’s Sports Bar, Memphis

Red Door Saloon, Nashville (Midtown and East Nasty, also Destin, FL)


Thirsty Nickel, Austin

T.K. Bitterman’s, Houston

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