Cubs Clips: WATCH Addison Russell, Kris Bryant & David Ross Go Deep Against the Pirates

You have to admit, yesterday’s game was a lot of fun. Generally speaking, anytime you can get three big home runs in one game it’s probably going to be a good day. For me, the icing on the cake was when David Ross decided to join in the homer party. It’s great just because it’s David Ross, good-guy extraordinaire, but it’s even better because you can see how much fun he’s having this year, his last. Baseball can be a lot of things but it’s best when it’s just plain fun.

Here’s a perfect example of fun baseball. Addison Russell belts a three-run shot scoring Ben Zobrist and Jorge Soler in the bottom of the fourth inning:

Bottom of the fifth inning, Cubs up 3-0, when Kris Bryant comes up with Jason Heyward on and hits his sixth home run of the year:

And last but certainly not least, Grandpa Rossy joins in the fun with a three-run home run of his own. You have to love whatever the hip bump celebration thing is that Ross and Rizzo do there at the end. I snapped a photo too (below) in case you want to study it to try and figure out what it’s supposed to be….I have no idea!

Two grown men just celebrating a home run.
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