Noooo…Noooo…Cole Hamels Ends Streak Cubs Had Hoped to Maintain

There’s not a whole lot to say about this game that hasn’t already been written by Dante or Cubs Twitter, so I don’t think I’ll spend much of my own effort rehashing things. And since Mr. Alighieri is long gone, I suppose it’ll be easier to cull social media.

Again, I have neither the time nor the desire (okay, that’s a lie; I do have the time, but I’m flipping between The Basketball Tournament and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) to tell you what you already know. But I will say that I’ve got some mixed emotions about seeing the Cubs no-hit. First, it’s pretty cool to see history, even if it means the end of a streak that stretched back nearly 50 years.

But as soon as I start to shrug the loss off, I think about the fact that it came at Wrigley against the team with the worst record in baseball and that it was yet another in a disturbingly frequent series of poor offensive outputs. It isn’t the doomsday or even a harbinger of the apocalypse, but it sure wasn’t just another loss either.

Here’s the thing though: the no-hit streak was cool, but when your largest measure of general success is drawn from the fact that you had gone the longest since last being completely shut down, well, it’s kinda weak. So I’m not really upset that the streak ended; in fact, I’d really like to see the Cubs break another streak that’s been in place for quite a while longer. It’s not very well know though, so you may have to do a little research to find out what I mean. Or you could just badmouth a Cards fan and you’ll get the answer in about 3.5 seconds.

In summation: no-hitters are cool, being on the wrong end of them sucks, the Cubs offense is weak sauce, and they now have just one really long streak to end.


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