Kyle Schwarber Can Drop All the Pitches He Wants, Just as Long as He Keeps Dropping Bombs (Video)

He looks like a side of beef and is still a bit of a butcher behind the plate, but all Cub fans really care about is the way Kyle Schwarber carves up opposing pitchers. And was he ever on point in that regard Tuesday night, getting all kinds of artisanal against the Reds.

A single and double early in the game were but a charcuterie plate in the meal the Ohio native was putting together just an hour from home. In his 9th inning AB against J.J. Hoover with his team down 4-2, the Cubs rookie served up all kinds of nuance, getting into an 0-2 hole and then battling to work the count full. His approach was subtle and possessed of a maturity belying his youth and inexperience.

But you have to know a dude built like Bowser from Mario Bros. doesn’t deal in subtlety for very long. So it was that on a 94 mph four-seamer from Hoover, Schwarber busted out a big ol’ cowboy-cut ribeye as he launched a ball nearly to Kentucky to tie the game. No cookies this time, folks. And don’t you dare go putting any sauce on that thing either.

So yeah, he’s gonna drop a ball or five and he’s gonna get crossed up from time to time behind the plate. But as long as his bats possesses the ability to instill the fear of God in all those who behold its power, he is allowed to doing whatever he wants on defense. And since what he really wants is to get better, he needs all the reps he can get.

Likewise, the Cubs need his bat to keep serving up the kind of offerings required to fuel a run in the second half.


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