Cubs Hire Jason “Professor” Parks

Over the last six months or so I’ve had the real pleasure of talking Cubs baseball, specifically the gushing stable of prospects, with my favorite prospect guru Jason “Professor” Parks.

Parks was always gracious enough to answer my questions and even grant me a couple of interviews regarding said Cubs kiddies. Recently, however, some of you may have noticed Parks had gone somewhat dark when it came to his prospect writing.

There was good reason for that: the opportunity of working for the Chicago Cubs had presented itself.

As much as it will pain me to lose such a keen and charismatic analyst, in both his writing and his Twitter persona, I’m glad it was the Cubs who snapped him up.

Theo Epstein has shown a lot of forward thinking while being president of the Cubs. This is just another move that proves to me he will leave no stone unturned in trying to make this the best organization in the game.

Parks wrote his farewell letter to his readers tonight:

I will be disappearing into the shadows of my dream profession, moving my life and my understanding and supportive wife to the baseball landscape that is Arizona, where I will evaluate talent at the pro, amateur, and international levels at behest of the heads of those respective departments. Basically, this is a dream job that even my dream job couldn’t dream of.

I asked Jason specifically to let me know his thoughts on his dream job coming to fruition.

“I’m just honored and humbled by the opportunity. Cubs have some of (if not THE) sharpest minds in baseball, and I can’t wait to start grinding,” he said.

I will miss the Twitter banter and his profile pics of naked Steve Stone and 80’s wrestlers.

However, it will all be worth it if Parks somehow helps unearth that one additional shortstop prospect the Cubs are so desperately looking for.

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