Cubs Rank No. 4 in MLB Social Media Following, 78% Above Cardinals

Social media has become an increasingly important marketing platform for sports franchises, with the Cubs taking full advantage of various outlets to engage with fans. That started in earnest back in 2015 or so, when the team’s Twitter account grew much more interactive and started to truly represent the Cubs to its followers. The landscape has morphed in the time since, but the Cubs are still among the biggest and most influential teams on social.

According to, the Cubs come in at No. 4 among the most-followed MLB teams. They’re actually second on Twitter and first on TikTok, but it looks like they lose a lot of ground on Facebook and Instagram. The Facebook part is probably more of a blessing, to be honest.

Below is a little trivia and then a chart to show how all 30 MLB teams stack up across the major social platforms.

The Cubs…

  • Ranked 4th most followed MLB team on social media with a huge total of 8,225,000 followers across 4 main social sites.
  • Have 78% more followers on social than rivals St. Louis Cardinals who sit in 8th place in MLB standings with 4.6 million followers.
  • Make it into the top 30 most followed major league franchises, ranking 29th overall across all sports.
  • Trail the Yankees, who dominate MLB social media standings with 14,983,000 followers; that dwarfs the Red Sox, who take 2nd place with 9.6 million followers.
  • Fall well behind the NBA, which boasts the top 10 most followed major league sports teams overall; the Lakers lead the overall list with 51,956,000 followers.


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