Chicago Cubs Podcast – The Rant Live (1/7/22): Current State of MLB, CBA Lockout, New Community for Cubs Fans, Greedy Owners, & More

Evan Altman and Jon Strong of Cubs Insider try not to take ourselves too seriously while pondering the state of the Chicago Cubs. Our podcast is initially recorded as a live webcast and can be seen on YouTubeFacebook, and Twitter.

Join us today as we share our inner feelings on the state of the Chicago Cubs and discuss the latest news around the team:

⚾️ A new community for Cubs fans
⚾️ CBA negotiations are not underway
⚾️ Current state of MLB
⚾️ Do fans feel powerless and is it time to change things?
⚾️ What to expect post-lockout

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Here’s the live webcast version of today’s show:

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