Max Bain Joins Viral Deadlift Trend, Adds Twist

Like TikTok teenagers trashing bathrooms for clout, a cadre of pitchers in the Cubs system has taken social media by storm with their ability to lift heavy weights. First came the stout Manuel Rodriguez, then the slight-but-mighty Ethan Roberts. Now we have our first tall competitor as Max Bain posted a video Monday afternoon from the Cubs complex in Mesa.

Ed. note: In case you’re wondering, players who aren’t on the 40-man roster aren’t governed by the CBA and thus are not subject to the restrictions of the lockout.

Bain took some liberties due to his 6-foot-5 frame, opting for a hex bar to keep from shredding his shins and using blocks to lessen what would otherwise be an uncomfortable strain on his back. That said, repping out 525 el-bees is no joke.

Hey, is that DJ Herz doing a little arm care with kettlebells in the background?

Maybe he’ll be next to perform a feat of strength, or perhaps it’ll be CD Pelham, who was tagged in Bain’s tweet. Stay tuned.

Bain will be joining The Rant Live Monday night, so check that out via our Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube accounts, or catch the podcast version afterwards on most major platforms.

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