Marquee Sports Network Reschedules Launch Day Programming Due to Cubs Game

With the Cubs game pushed back due to the threat of inclement weather, Marquee Sports Network has shuffled around the scheduled programming for its launch day. Given the way everything else has gone with getting the new venture off the ground, this is about the least surprising thing ever.

An updated programming schedule is below:

1pm CT – Marquee Debut
2pm CT – Cubs Countdown: All-Time Games
3pm CT – Best of 2020 Cubs Convention
4pm CT – Best of Cubs YouTube
4:30pm CT — Marquee Sports Network Films Presents: More Than Mr. Cub: The Life of Ernie Banks
6pm CT – Marquee Debut
7pm CT – Cubs Spring Training game versus Oakland Athletics LIVE from Mesa, Arizona
10pm CT – Cubs Countdown: All-Time Games
11pm CT – Cubs Spring Training game versus Oakland Athletics from Mesa, Arizona (replay)

They’d better get this thing right, and I mean damn right, if they want to save face from what to this point can been only be called an abject disaster. Whatever entity to which you would like to assign blame, the hubris with with Marquee’s handlers have gone about pitching their network to carriers has left millions of Cubs fans in the dark.

This can all be rectified, of course, but they’ve got a little ground to make up between now and the start of the regular season. I’ll be watching via DirecTV, since Hulu+Live may not actually have Marquee until Opening Day of the regular season (a story we had a few hours before the Tribune, not that it matters).

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