Full List of Cubs TV Affiliates

I’ve written several times about the Cubs’ TV broadcast situation, so I’ll not devote a great deal of time to that now. But rather than update an existing post, I simply want to share the information the Cubs put out in a recent news release.

Those of you outside the WGN-TV and WLS-TV/ABC 7 broadcast radius can find a full list of affiliate stations here. In all, there are 10 markets outside the immediate Chicagoland area that have opted to pick up Cubs games, a fact that should make millions of non-local fans very happy.

No one is worried about how to watch Opening Night, but the following three games, and four of the next five, were originally set to air on one of the two Chicago stations. Those without access to to any of the affiliate stations, however, will still have to resort to MLB.tv to WGN and ABC games.

It’s far from a perfect scenario and I’m still holding out hope for a self-contained Cubs Network, but I’m pretty pleased with how the team was able to work with so many different stations to cobble together a temporary solution.

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